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Inland Empire Autism Assessment Center

Offering the gold standard in pediatric developmental assessments designed to provide a comprehensive assessment for all children in need. Learn more committed to providing the highest level of care. We understand the importance of accurate and timely diagnosis. Serving the families of the Inland Empire locations in San Bernardino and Riverside.

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Altura Credit Union is not a bank; we’re a credit union and we’re proud to call ourselves one. Unlike a big bank, we: are owned by our members have a goal to bring in profit to put right back into the pockets of our members know we’re doing our part right when our community and its members are thriving together. 

Inland Empire Health Plan is the largest not-for-profit Medi-Cal and Medicare health plan in the Inland Empire.

The Leafwing Center is recognized for aiding families and autistic children using the research-based on Applied Behavior Analysis.

Mayor Pro Tem Alan D. Wapner has been a member of the Ontario City Council for nearly 24 years. We thank him for his support. 

Works with all 21 of California’s Regional Centers providing Employer of Record, Respite, personal assistance, daycare, and financial management services.

Provides individualized assessments, ABA services and tutoring services in the Coachella Valley.

Provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs and services to children and families across San Diego and Riverside Counties. 

Easterseals offers Behavior Analysis, speech, physical, and occupational therapy services.

Molina Healthcare’s Medi-Cal plan provides a variety of medical services for children and adults with limited income and resources.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Autism Services, Caregiver Training, Diagnostic, Individual and Family Therapy, Social Programs, Adult programs and more.

Law firm which provides individualized advocacy planning, training, and representation for IEPs, IPP/IFSP Meetings, Special Education Due Process Hearings, Civil Rights Litigation, and more. 

Services offered include In-Home Respite, Personal Assistance, and Homemaker Program for those in the Inland Empire.

Manufacturer of Commerical and residential water heaters

Offers ABA, social skills, occupational therapy, Speech and Language therapy, comprehensive diagnostic services, and counseling services.

One of the leading underground and communication contractors in California.

Provides respite, after-school programs, adaptive bike, counseling, social events, resource and referral services. 

Law firm with over 18 years’ experience helping children with disabilities take advantage of the services and opportunities afforded them by the state and federal governments.

Resource Fair Sponsors

Three primary programs in the Coachellla Valley: Residential Care, Day Program and Angel View Outreach.

In the Inland Empire, provides Financial Management Service (FMS) to participants of the Self-Determination program.

Behavior intervention services provided in the home, school, and community settings.

Offers in-home and center-based ABA, early intervention and autism services. 

Combines learning science, precision teaching, and curriculum-based assessment to build fluency in core academic skills. 

Non-profit provides workshops, 1:1 consults, and peer-support groups in English and Spanish.

Provides psychological testing, individual therapy, couples therapy, and group therapy services, and College & Career Testing.

Provides customized programs for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities through social skills, behavior and parent training programs.

Palm Desert Office – Provides respite, personal care, and home health care services.  Vendored by Regional Center. 

Temecula Office – Providing 1 on 1 ABA care in the home and school settings as well as providing Parent Training.

Non-profit in Coachella Valley who provides sports programs for individuals with special needs and physical disabilities.  Offers programs such as running, cycling, hiking, wheelchair/stand-up basketball, archery, tennis and pickle ball, boccia and online meditation.

A non-profit organization focusing on providing access to support and equipment for children in the Coachella Valley whose lives are touched by illness, disability or disadvantage.

Provides a variety of legal services including Social Security Disability benefits.