ABA = Applied Behavior Analysis

ADL = Activities of Daily Living

APS = Adult Protective Services

ASD = Autism Spectrum Disorder

AT = Assistive Technology

BCBA = Board Certified Behavior Analyst

BHT = Behavioral Health Treatment

CCS= California Children’s Services

CDER = Client Development Evaluation Report

CIE = Competitive Integrated Employment

CP= Cerebral Palsy

CPS = Child Protective Services

CRA = Clients Rights Advocate

DDS = Department of Developmental Services

DOR = Department of Rehabilitation

EI = Early Intervention

HIPAA = Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act

IADL = Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

ID/DD = Intellectual Disabilities / Developmental Disabilities

IFSP = Individual Family Service Plan

IHSS = In Home Support Services

ILS = Independent Living Services

IPP = Individual Program Plan

IRC = Inland Regional Center

NOA = Notice of Action

NPO = Non-Profit Organization

OAH = Office of Administrative Hearings

OCRA = Office of Clients Rights Advocacy

OT = Occupational Therapy

PCT = Person Centered Thinking

PCP = Person Centered Plan

PT = Physical Therapy

SLP = Speech Language Pathologist

SLS = Support Living Service

SSDI = Social Security Disability Insurance

SSI = Supplemental Security Income