Our Panel of Advisors

The Autism Society Inland Empire maintains a Panel of Advisors (PPA) who are neurodiverse.  The volunteer members of this panel serve the Board of Directors in an advisory capacity. Collectively, the knowledge and expertise of these individuals is used to support the goals and activities of the Autism Society. The varied expertise and experiences provided by members of these advisory panels allow the Autism Society to advance its mission of working to improve the lives of all affected by autism.  We appreciate their time and their service to our community!


Vanessa Gill, Chair

Learning from her own experiences as an individual with Asperger syndrome, Vanessa founded Social Cipher, an empowering video game for children with Autism. Her remarkable interdisciplinary team works to develop the game’s design based on scientific research and the needs of real children and families affected by Autism.

Sydney Edmond pix

Sydney Edmond

Sydney Edmond is an artist and poet from Temecula, CA who has autism and apraxia which makes it difficult for her to control her movement. She learned to communicate by typing on a keyboard at the age of 10 and has given many presentations at conferences, workshops, and classrooms about autism, emphasizing the importance of giving nonverbal people a means to fully communicate.

Kelly londenberg

Kelly Londenberg, COTA

Kelly Londenberg, BS, COTA/L is an autistic adult and licensed pediatric occupational therapy assistant working in a school-based setting, primarily serving children on the spectrum.  She has served on the boards of several autism organizations, including Autism Society Inland Empire, where she ran the teen/adult group, AAC group, family events and organized numerous trainings.  Kelly speaks at local and national events educating others on topics related to sensory processing and living on the spectrum.


Imari Nicoloff, Ed D

Educational Consultant working in the Coachella Valley for over 22 years with M.A. in Special Education and Doctorate in Counseling/Psychology

Aaron Saenz

Aaron Saenz

My name is Aaron Gray Saenz. I’m an male, autistic adult. I’m a writer, director, actor, high-school graduate, college student and autistic self-advocate. In addition to being in showbusiness, my aspirations are advocating for the autistic community. I’ve written many pieces, including one full-length play about a story I came up with on my own. I’ve spoken on many panels put on by the Autism Society of the Inland Empire about my experience as a person on the autism spectrum. As one person with autism, I can only truly advocate for myself, but I try my best to represent the rest of the community in terms of asserting our unchanging presence in society and demanding respect for our culture. I’m proud to be part of this group and continue to advocate for the betterment of the autistic community.

Dr Gail

Dr Gail Shoffey

Dr. Shoffey is a retired Information Technology Security Specialist for the Federal Government and was awarded an Associate Commissioner’s Citation for her contribution to a major custom software developed and deployed Nationwide. She has presented at technical conferences, Adobe user groups, and online. Her performance in education has earned her a 4.0 GPA in her Doctorate, Masters, and Associates of Applied Science degrees. Dr. Shoffey is passionate about bringing Autism Acceptance to the public through example and education.