“In case of emergency”. Family members and individuals on the autism spectrum developed ICE4Autism, and it allows the user to input a variety of pertinent information, such as special instructions (written and/or a pre-recorded spoken statement), medications, other health conditions, allergies, doctor and family contact information, and even insurance coverage. Its “Alert my emergency contacts” button immediately notifies a pre-defined list of people. It also allows you to set up a special lock screen, so that even when the phone is locked the basic information is still accessible, as well as your special instructions message. ICE4Autism is currently only available for Apple devices, but the website says that they are developing an Android-compatible version. ICE4Autism is only $1.99.


Emergency Chat
Offers a simple interface for typed communication with a good Samaritan or first responder if—due to anxiety, sensory overload, or anything else—a person becomes temporarily non-verbal. It is available for Android and iOS. Its main screen contains a pre-typed, customizable message. The message could describe a sensory overload meltdown and direct the person reading to click to use the chat capability. This app could also be useful for individuals who experience asthma attacks, incapacitating migraines, or anxiety attacks.


is an app that is more appropriate for use before an emergency. It contains several modules with “social scripts,” suggestions of how to respond to various situations. One of the modules focuses on safety and includes scripts about asking for help, handling money, being aware of your surroundings, and being approached by strangers. The other modules are Communication, Life Skills, Socialization, Coping, and On the Job.


Staying Safe and Safer Strangers – A Stranger Danger Social Story
Ages 4+ by Touch Autism
Online social story. $2.99

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