Asian Language Resources

In 2020, a young intern, Jonathan Huynhngo, worked with the Autism Society Inland Empire on a project to identify areas of disparity for the Asian Developmental Disability community.  Some of the areas identified were:

  • 23% of Asian families had no Purchase of Services (meaning they were not receiving any Regional Center services) compared to 21% of white families.
    • Families who spoke Vietnamese, Cantonese, and Cambodian were more likely not to utilize Regional Center services. This could mean that these families had a harder time accessing these resources and encountered potential barriers that prevented them from purchasing these resources.


There is a need for:

  1. Culturally relevant information in target Asian languages including what is the Regional Center, how to qualify for services, and services available to Regional Center clients.
  2. Easy to use data dashboard where all disparity information specific to the Asian American community is located regarding special education and regional center services
  3. Helpful resources to the Asian community including resources who are culturally relevant and speak Asian languages

Click the graphic for a list of resources we have compiled in Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese.