Autism Spectrum Therapies (AST)

Our local and national clinicians arrive at work each day equipped with the latest research, the most extensive support and professional development, and clinical insights from one of the largest and most diverse behavioral health data sets in the country, amassed from treating more than 25,000 children over two decades. Our ability to derive insights from your child’s data, in addition to the aggregated data we’ve accumulated over time and across the country, gives us what we need to make evidence-based treatment decisions—and ultimately deliver personalized, effective care.  Our ABA Therapy services:

  • Home.  We work with your child 1:1 in your home for a prescribed number of hours per week. An extensive evaluation of your child’s present levels will initially be conducted in order to determine appropriate goals and intervention strategies. Programs are individualized based on your child’s unique interests and strengths and sessions are often incorporated into your typically occurring family routines. Home sessions are designed to be naturalistic and may work on several areas (e.g., social, play, communication) or be more specific if your child needs help with a particular skill (e.g., toilet training).
  • School. Designed for your child to be successful in an academic setting with their peers. We focus on maximizing their learning opportunities throughout the day by providing 1:1 support to help your child meet their academic, social and behavioral goals.
  • Community. ABA can be implemented in your family’s day-to-day life. This may include going to the park, trips to the grocery store, or anywhere else life takes you.
  • Social Skills Groups. Having the ability to develop friendships, socialize at school and in the community are of significant importance in life. Our social skills groups and programs can be instrumental to a child’s development of establishing friendships, building confidence, and pursuing interests.
  • Learning Centers. Learning Center services are delivered 1:1 with a trained behavior interventionist at an intensity of 25+ hours per week. Initial and ongoing assessment allows our staff to identify and address current needs as they relate to communication, social skills, self-help skills, and problem behavior. AST Learning Centers resemble typical school environments with areas designated for group activities, play centers, and table-based instruction.
  • Adult and Teen Services. Our intention is to be a guide and resource for every stage of your family’s needs. The teen years present new opportunities and challenges as individuals move into this new and often confusing developmental phase. Some of the benefits of services at this stage can include the evolution of your child’s interests and personal choice to address the emerging need for independence and job readiness.
  • Occupational Therapy. Occupational therapy (OT) is part of our multidisciplinary approach and helps children with developmental delays and disabilities learn to perform the activities of daily life such as eating, dressing, and playing with friends.  (Offered on a limited basis at some locations.)
  • Speech/Language Therapy. Speech and language therapy can also be part of a multidisciplinary approach. Challenges with speech are a common sign that a child might need supportive services.
  • Psych/Diagnostic Services. Comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for children suspected of having autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
  • Counseling Services. We offer Play Therapy, Individual Therapy, Family/Couples Therapy and Life Skills.
  • TeleABA offers your family an effective alternative to in-person services by providing ABA therapy via computer, tablet or smartphone. Through a secure and easy virtual meeting, your BCBA can provide direct therapy and parent consultation remotely – helping your child learn new skills, avoid regression, and continue to make great strides in their progress.