Sign Onto A Letter to the Riverside District Attorney

The Autism Society Inland Empire has a Disaster and Safety Initiative to educate individuals with autism, family members and professionals on best practices for improving the safety of individuals with developmental disabilities in our communities. However, since the shooting at the Corona Costco, we have been working with many organizations both at the local and state level to identify the gaps in services and policy. Additionally, we were saddened to hear that the Riverside Grand Jury decided not to indict the officer who killed Kenneth French and wounded his mother and father at the Corona Costco.

This coalition has decided one of the ways we would like to advance the issue of safety is by sending a letter to the Riverside District Attorneys office to respectfully request a meeting with representatives from the Inland Empire Developmental Disability Safety Task Force with this office in the near future to review the decision not to indict and to discuss how shootings might be prevented in the future.

We respect and appreciate our first responders, law enforcement agencies and the individuals who serve our communities. We simply ask that we have meaningful conversations around the safety needs of our children, teens and adults with autism and how we can make the Inland Empire safe for all people.

If you would like to sign onto this letter, please click the button below and complete your first and last name as well as your title. For example, Jane Smith, parent or John Smith, person with autism. Deadline is this Sat, Nov 9th, 2019.

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