A new collaboration with A Place for All Pieces. This Club will be held once a month in Murrieta for ages 5 and up. Siblings are welcomed. Whether you just want to learn, or are a seasoned chess master, come play with us! Parent/Guardian is required to stay and encouraged to network with other parents. 

Why Chess?

“For many children with communication and socialization problems, chess can be something very special, and I speak with considerable experience here. Children with a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum often prefer quiet, low-stimulation environments. Some of them also have a high IQ, a strong logical-mathematical brain and powers of intense focus. For children like this, chess is the ideal hobby. Several prominent chess players have diagnoses of Asperger Syndrome, and many others have significant autistic traits, and, in my experience, the chess world is, by and large, very tolerant of differences. The child who finds himself alone and out of place in the real world may well find, in the world of chess, somewhere he will feel at home, among like-minded people. Chess isn’t for all autistic spectrum children, but for some, discovering chess can be a life-changing experience”. – Richard James (noted chess author and instructor) from the ChessKids Academy Website.

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