Daily Living Skills are the single most important predictor of adult employment turns out to be the basic skills of daily living.

Laundry:  Sorting colors, Measuring soap, Washer to dryer, Fold (match socks)

Cooking:  Setting up menu, Making shopping lists and if order online help set up delivery times (using ads), Measuring, Follow recipe

General kitchen safety:  Cutting (start with soft bread and butter knives), Putting groceries away,

Cleaning:  Sweeping, Vacuuming if not sensitive to the sound, Dusting, Toys/books/belongings away in designated areas or bins,
Washing dishes/put away,

Phone: Dialing numbers, Conversation with friends/families (greetings/how to end a call)

Living Skills

Social Skills

Social Thinking currently providing “Free stuff”  on their portal on their website including:
Read Aloud Books we have published, such as You are a Social Detective , each with at least one corresponding free thinksheet/worksheet.
Video lessons that address needs during this unique time in the lives of our students, each with at least one corresponding free thinksheet/worksheet.
Articles that help to provide insights for all adults to learn more about ourselves as well as many different aspects within the Social Thinking® Methodology.
Pre-recorded webinars providing specific concepts and strategies that can be useful to parents, caregivers, professionals and paraprofessionals.