As school districts around the United States work on the issue of internet connectivity, how special education services will be delivered and how long schools will be closed for, families are working on providing a stable environment for their children.

Official Guidance


Through our Open Classroom, any family can access free daily online lessons, parent guides, and resources.

  • This is an open and free community service.
  • All you need to start is an email address and zip code or country.
  • Open to all K-12 students*
  •  No enrollment necessary
  • Highly-curated, grade-level specific content aligned with CA State Standards
  • Credentialed teacher created and supported
  • Live classes taught by a credentialed teacher, four days per week.
  • Weekly lesson plans with all materials provided
  • Parent answer keys and resources
  • Teacher guidelines for teachers wishing to adopt Springs’ content for their own classrooms


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