Early Start

Early Intervention

Early intervention is a system of services and support that can help young children and their families to address their developmental needs and improve their outcomes.

Children learn and grow. It is important to find good services, treatments, and education for your child as soon as you can. The sooner your child gets the right help, the more they can improve (but it’s never too late to make their life better). Your child may take longer than others to reach their goals, but they can still have a happy and meaningful life with your support.

Post-pandemic Considerations For Children 0-5 In Riverside And San Bernardino Counties

Free Services

If you think your baby or toddler (from birth to 3 years old) has a delay or disability, or may have one in the future, they may be able to get free Early Start services, no matter your documentation status or language you speak. Early Start is a program that works with you and your child as a team to provide the best services for your child to help with their developmental needs and goals.

To get Early Start services, your child must meet one of these requirements:

      • Have a delay of at least 25% in one or more areas of their development, such as thinking, talking, listening, playing, learning, or moving; or
      • Have a condition that makes it very likely that they will have a delay in their development, such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; or
      • Have a combination of health problems that puts them at risk of having a serious delay in their development. A qualified person must diagnose these problems.

If your child meets one of these requirements, they may be able to get Early Start services through Inland Regional Center if you live in Riverside or San Bernardino counties. You only to complete a easy, online application. You will receive an email asking for you to send in medical records.

If you live in another county, you can find your local Regional Center using this Directory!