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How do we empower the autism community?  We give the individuals with autism, their family members and professionals the tools to find services, how to navigate systems, to collaborate and problem solve, to work towards a future where all individuals with autism have the ability to live, learn, worship, work and play alongside people who do not have disabilities.

Quality of Life Indicators:

  • Self-Identity and Acceptance – People with autism should understand and appreciate themselves, and feel understood and valued by others
  • Respect and Dignity – People with autism should feel respected by those around them
  • Pursuit of Dreams – People with autism should feel empowered to achieve their aspirations.
  • Autonomy and Self-Sufficiency – People with autism and their family members have the right to make their own decisions


Current benchmark as of 2018

Parents reported adults with autism:

  • 33% parents feel they have enough information, education and resources. 1
  • 48% parents feel they have enough access to autism treatment. 1
  • 71% believe their choices will be honored3
  • 57% are confident of their abilities3

ASIE Programs Related to Empowerment

Monthly Advocacy Tips – coming in August



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