Families will sometimes seek special funding to help cover the costs of treatment, assessment, advocacy, or emergency expenses.  These resources may be of help.  Please check with the organization for the latest information including deadlines for applications.

Act Today
(877) 9ACT-TODAY
ACT Today!’s goal is to introduce and help facilitate early and on-going treatment by providing the necessary resources including funding, guidance, referrals and follow up to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families. ACT Today! offers a grant program for assessments and treatments that may not otherwise be covered privately or by other third-party funding sources such as school districts, county programs, insurance, and/or other grant making entities.  Applicants must meet the grant program criteria and complete the Grant Application.   Typical grants run $100-$5,000.  Transportation requests (cars, car repair, transportation passes, air travel); Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy; or Personal Needs (rent, utilities, family vacations).

Angel View
67625 E. Palm Canyon Dr., Suite 7A, Cathedral City, CA 92234
(760) 329-6471
Offers a mini-grant program to provide much needed equipment like specialized car seats, orthopedic shoes, communication devices, adaptive equipment and mobility devices. And we enable children with a wide range of disabilities to participate in programs like the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) VIP soccer league, UCP Skillsbuilders, art classes, swim programs, and more.

Apraxia Kids
Each year, Apraxia Kids awards speech tablets to children and families in need throughout the USA and Canada. Children with apraxia can use these speech tablets for speech practice and/or as a speech-generating device.

Autism and Race
The Fund practices redistributive justice and mutual aid by returning and sharing money directly to and with autistic people of color. We provide microgrants to Black, Brown, Native, Asian, and mixed-race people in the autistic community for survival, organizing, leisure, and pleasure. Parents can not apply.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation
Applications open in May and October for iPad for Kids Program.
https://avenuesforautism.org/funding/ Can help families pay for autism services not covered by traditional insurance or grants. Such services include early intervention programs, assessments and testing, social skills programs, college support programs, transition-to-employment programs, touch devices, and recreational activities. Award amounts depend on fund availability, yearly fundraising activities, and the number of qualified applications received.

CARE Foundation (California Autism Resource & Evaluation Foundation)
CARE Grant Program is for helping families with medication, autism diagnosis/evaluation, therapy session (including speech, OT and ABA,) and autism summer camps. ll grants awarded are paid directly to the vendor or service provider to pay for tuition, supplements, medication, medical evaluation, testing, therapies, etc. Anybody who has a child diagnosed with autism and has an income level less than $75,000 per year for the entire household can apply to this grant. Before the grant is awarded, proof of ASD diagnosis from medical professional as well as IRS Tax forms indicating the household income need to be provided. Grant applications are accepted year round with no deadline. Grants are funded throughout the year and are determined by the funding available. (These grants are provided by the fundraising efforts of CARE Foundation team).

Chrysalis Fund
They offer small grants and stipends averaging $1,000 per family to assist with the financing of limited, targeted educational investments for these children.

Danny’s Wish iPads for Autism
Applications will only be accepted September 1st through December 31st of each calendar year. Applications received and approved will be acknowledged by email & submitted to lottery for the next allocation of iPads awarded in April of the following year. Unfortunately incomplete applications will not be considered for award.

Generation Rescue – Rescue Family Grant Program
A grant program for treatments that may not otherwise be covered privately or by other third-party funding sources such as school districts, county programs, insurance, and/or other grant making entities.  These grants are designed to provide support to individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Each grant recipient will receive 2-doctor visits with a specially trained physician who treats autism; vitamins, minerals and supplements for 90 days, a Generation Rescue Mentor and dietary intervention training.  This grant is only applicable for families who have not done biomedical treatment, with the exception of the GF/CF Diet.

Lilly’s Voice
Assists people with autism and are non-verbal that have been rejected
by other programs and cannot afford an AAC device without help.

The National Autism Association Give a Voice Program
The National Autism Association (NAA) has a Give a Voice Program has a grant program to provide devices to nonverbal and minimal verbal individuals as well as a program offering access to certified practitioners in S2C (Spelling 2 Communicate) and RPM (Rapid Prompting Method) while continuing to offer our iPad AAC program. on. They also have several downloadable toolkits and resources.

Small Steps in Speech
Provides grants on behalf of children with speech and language disorders for therapies, treatments, communicative devices, and other services aimed at improving their communication skills. Grants are awarded to individuals from age 3 to 22 who are U.S. citizens living in the U.S. Please note when applying for a grant that the child must be 3 years of age at the time of the application deadline (February 1, May 1, August 1, November 1). Grants are not based solely on financial need. The financial needs of the family are considered, however, applications will not be accepted for a joint family income in excess of $125,000.

Special Angels Foundation, Inc.
4195 Chino Hills Parkway, #373 , Chino Hills
Special Angels Foundation provides grants of up to $2500 for equipment and up to $1500 for therapy to families raising children with special needs so that they may purchase specialized equipment, underwrite additional therapies and more. Check the website for more info.

Spectrum of Hope Foundation Advocacy Grant Program
Hacienda Heights
(626) 771-0034
May provide a maximum of $1000 grant for advocacy grants to fund (a) independent evaluation/assessment, (b) special education advocacy (attorney/advocate fees, expert witness fees in hearings) , (c) Self-funding of mainstream treatment for autism (ABA therapy, and speech therapy), and (d) parent training and seminars, after funding from the Regional Center and school district have been denied. Families must have a child with autism must be under the age of 7 and the family must have a combined family income of $70,000 a year or less, be a California residents for at least one year and the funding sources that usually provide services to the child are exhausted (school, Regional Center). Visit the site for more details.

The Awesome Foundation
Supports Ideas and Projects by People with Disabilities. The Awesome Foundation supports ideas and projects by people with disabilities through the Awesome Disability chapter. Makers, artists, writers, and others with disabilities are invited to apply for micro-grants. Applications are reviewed by the Awesome Disability trustees every month. Grant Amount: Grant amounts of up to $1,000 are available. Eligibility: Applicants should identify as a person with a disability. Due Date: Applications are accepted from the 1 st through the 15th of every month.

The Unforgettables Foundation
(909) 335-1600 or (951) 680-9996
The Unforgettables Foundation provides financial assistance to those families with limited resources to help offset the costs of final arrangements. Currently, the Foundation’s help is granted to families throughout Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange Counties. In addition, this organization hold free group training sessions throughout Southern California in churches, synagogues, clinics, schools and offices, and valuable instruction on home and auto child safety.

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF)
1 (800) 328-5979 – extension 24459
Offers assistance grants for medical services not fully covered by health insurance.  Parents may apply for grants of up to $5,000 for health care services that will help improve their children’s health and quality of life. Examples include: speech therapy, physical therapy and psychotherapy sessions; medical equipment such as wheelchairs, braces, hearing aids and eyeglasses; orthodontia and dental treatments.  To be eligible for UHCCF grants, children must be 16 years of age or younger. Families must meet economic guideline; reside in the United States and be covered by a commercial health insurance plan.

Variety Children’s Charity of the Desert
The Children’s Charity of the Desert is dedicated to promoting the health, mobility, independence and social inclusion of special needs and disadvantaged children throughout the Coachella Valley. Provides grants for adaptive bikes.

The Autism Society Inland Empire does not endorse the organizations listed here, they are provided solely as a reference for parents.

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