Who Are the Experts in Autism?

As parents and professionals, there are so many times we do our very best to guess why a behavior is happening or what our loved one is feeling.  At the Autism Society Inland Empire, we believe “autism experts” are the people who have autism.  Who better to explain what it feels like to have autism and what certain behaviors may mean?

Growing Up with Autism is one of our oldest and most popular trainings.  Started by ASIE board member, Kelly Londenberg, who is an adult on the spectrum herself, more than 10 years ago to allow our self-advocates to voice their experiences and their perspectives.

The Growing Up with Autism panel is a moderated question and answer session with 3-5 panelists who are from different parts of the autism spectrum, share personal stories, experience and answer questions about what it is like growing up and living with autism.

Some of the topics that have been addressed in the past include:

  • Childhood
  • Bullying
  • Communication
  • Understanding and self-advocacy
  • Social and vocational needs
  • Friendships & relationships

Please contact ASIE at events@ieautism.org for pricing and availability of these trainings.  The Speakers Bureau consists of experienced non-professional speakers with Autism.  To schedule a consultation or training by one of our professional Autism specialists, please visit our Consultation and Training page.

Self-advocates with Autism –

Are You Interested in Being Part of Our Speakers Bureau? 

ASIE we believe self-advocates have valuable insight and are an important voice in our community.  If you have a diagnosis of Autism, are over the age of 18 years, live in the Inland Empire would like to become a speaker, please fill out the Speaker Questionnaire Survey. We will contact you.  We do not take everyone who applies and the number of speaking opportunities depends on the demand.