Group of mixed age people

The Inland Empire Autism/NDD Collaborative is a group of professionals dedicated to promoting lifelong access and opportunity for all individuals within the autism spectrum, other neurodevelopmental disabilities, and their families to be fully included members of the community.

This year, we would like to recognize and celebrate those in our community who embody and put our mission into action. These awards recognize the exceptional contributions of individuals and organizations and will be presented at various events throughout the year.

Inclusion in Community Programs Can Mean…
• Placing individuals with disabilities in the same community programs if they did not have disabilities.
• Making all programs, in which typically developing individuals participate in, accessible and available to individuals with disabilities and their families.
• Providing opportunities for social relationships between individuals with and without disabilities.
• Teaching all individuals to understand, accept, and value human differences.

These awards celebrate and acknowledge the achievements and contributions that individuals/groups make that embody the philosophy above. Possible examples:
• A school that has gone out of its way to involve a child in a mainstream class
• A local group that has adapted its project to include and involve a person with autism/NDD
• An individual that has gone the extra mile to encourage people with disabilities to get involved in their community.
• Someone employing a person with autism/NDD in an existent job, perhaps by adapting the job or workplace as needed
• Providing accommodations to those with disabilities, to ensure participation and accessibility to events, programs, etc. with those without disabilities.

To nominate someone for an award please complete a short application with a statement of up to 300 words saying why you think the nominee should win the Award. Deadline for entries March 16, 2020. Award winners are decided by the Awards Selection Committee. All finalists will be notified by April 1, 2020.


Business Inclusion Award: Presented to an organization or company that has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the autism/NDD community by promoting inclusive practices and supports.

Faith and Belief Champion Inclusion Award: A faith-based organization that has actively built-in inclusion and full participation of people with autism/NDD alongside other members.

Social Inclusion Award: A non-profit, community group or government agency that has actively built-in inclusion and full participation of people with autism/NDD alongside other students or members of community groups.

2020 Leadership Award: This award recognizes an individual who has advanced the well-being of others on the spectrum or with NDD. This person should demonstrate exceptional dedication, effort or achievement. Areas to be considered can include, but should not necessarily be limited to academics, the arts, athletics, community service, employment, extracurricular activities, transition or independent living, or public policy or systems change efforts.