Job Exploration & Training Programs

Local Training and Job Exploration Programs for Adults with Autism

America’s Job Center of California
Michi (Michelle) Story, MBA-Disability Workforce Development Specialist
Office: 909-382-0442
Mobile: 909-601-5422
500 Inland Center Drive #508 San Bernardino, CA 92408
As a Disability Workforce Development Specialist I can assist with Personal Enrichment & Advancement in Career Planning, Individual Employment Training, Staff-Assisted Placement Services, Individual Employment Services, On-The-Job and Vocational Training and Personal Coaching/Mentoring.

California Family Life Center
Offers various programs that service youth either through job training, short-term residential, Safecare, Foster care and kinship care. California Family Life Center’s mission is to provide safety, comfort and healing to children suffering abuse and abandonment; to teach love and trust; to instill self-esteem, values and hope for the future – and in so doing, assist children trapped in hopelessness and despair become compassionate and contributing members of the community.

ClearWeave Careers
323- 405-0354
ClearWeave Careers has connected individuals with businesses for employment across the United States.  We are based in Valley Village, CA (Los Angeles) and are especially helpful in L.A. County and the NYC Metro region. If you are Neurodivergent and looking for employment — we can help. We also support companies with their Neurodivergent employment / Neurodiversity efforts.  We can help with recruiting and retention.  Neurodivergent employment is an essential part of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). We specialize in jobs such as:Film / TV Production, Creative Design, & Tech (coding and I.T.) We have established relationships with many forward-thinking companies in the United States. We are now accepting self-determination via regional centers.

CNC Machinist Program – Uniquely Abled
San Bernardino Valley College
San Bernardino
Program Contract: Miguel Ortiz, (909) 900-5084
The program is designed to build upon the talents and skills of adults with disabilities interested in computers and technology who want to enter the manufacturing industry. A job training program designed to educate adults with disabilities through in-class learning and hands-on work experience. Many adults with Autism have had success with this program. Through recent $10,000 funding from Goodwill of Southern Through recent $10,000 funding from Goodwill of Southern California and the collaboration with multiple partners, San Bernardino Valley College is offering this new program as of Fall 2021 that combines soft skills training, job training and job placement for this high demand career.

Game Gen
Game Gen provides vocational job training, academic support, and product development in the field of computer science. Our mission is to create a productive community that provides an educational pathway for individuals to achieve meaningful lives by becoming game developers, exploring employment and lifelong friendships. Our ultimate goal is to see our students go on to lead creative, financially independent, socially connected, and preferred lives. Regional Center vendored.

Impact Arts
Impact Arts is an innovative art development and exploration program providing a new path for adults with developmental disabilities to explore and engage in employment opportunities in the field of art as well as learn skills to increase independence and success in our community. Information for your Inland Regional Center Representative: Vendor Number PJ5106

Job Accommodation Network
The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is the leading source of free, expert, and confidential guidance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues.

JDS Studios- Creative Academy
(951) 296-6715
A full-service training vendor for Inland Regional Center with video production training and includes producing a weekly news broadcast and interacting with the community.

Media Lab
27555 Ynez Rd Ste 110, Temecula, CA 92591
(951) 404-0593
Operated Mon-Fri 8am – 3pm. Inland Regional Center clients only. Offers training in Film and Cinema, Broadcast TV – sitcoms, gameshow, newscasting, Camera, lights, audio, Editing, Set, prop, and art design, Stop-motion animation, Acting, script writing, and storytelling, YouTube and voice-over work, Teamwork, collaboration, and so much more! Offers in person and online learning. The Media Lab will help you develop a demo reel and resume, which you can use to apply for jobs. Students that are interested in seeking paid employment will be referred to his/her IRC Service Coordinator for potential referral to the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR).

Options for All – Film & Media Studios
San Bernardino
In-depth film production, project management, marketing, graphic design, advertising, and sales. Each session will develop and build upon the creative and practical skills of interested filmmakers who have a developmental disability, with the ultimate goal for them to become employed, independent and well-rounded individuals. Program held for 4 semesters at 20 weeks,25 hours a week. Vendored by Inland Regional Center. The program will dedicate 10 weeks to a first film and 10 weeks to a second film. Each individual will receive instruction on directing, producing, cinematography, and art. When filming is complete, the individual will learn post-production. Finally, the individual will explore the sales, marketing, and film distribution aspects of the business. The program is designed to combine classroom style teaching with hands-on experience in order to combine the theoretical with the practical. The program approaches learning from the perspective that the material is best internalized when applied directly in the classroom, on the set and live productions.

Technical Employment Training, Inc. (TET)
San Bernardino
(909) 382-4141
Is a non-profit business and manufacturing trade school founded by engineer and educator Dr. Bill Clarke and Kelly Space & Technology CEO and San Bernardino City Unified School District Board Member Mike Gallo, established in 2010 to help rebuild the city’s economy through job placement, and ensure career security and success for high school graduates. TET provides hands-on machinist skills training and manufacturing trades education to fill in-demand, high-tech positions, and cultivates highly skilled students who will be federally certified for immediate employment upon high school graduation. TET is unique from other trade schools in its 100 percent placement of students, operation of a manufacturing plant that offers real world applications, and role as an active partner with the school district creating industry pathways. Not Regional Center vendored at this time.

Upland Studio Arts – Tierra Del Sol
2nd Avenue Arts Program
134 N. 2nd Avenue, Upland
(909) 758-7317
Inland Regional Center vendored program focused on art.


Zavikon is an online employment and consulting firm whose mission is to place neurodivergent individuals and those with disabilities in career-oriented, meaningful jobs. All services are offered virtually and for individuals who are ready to work now. They provide recruitment, workplace readiness, job accommodation and advocacy as well as education and guidance to employers to ensure a successful relationship. Placements are made in a supported manner to ensure success for both employees and employers. Currently has funding from the Department of Developmental Services to work with Regional Center clients at no cost. Contact them for more information.


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