Nearly 80 years ago a psychologist named Viktor Frankl stood up to Sigmund Freud. Freud was saying that the primary desire of man was to pursue pleasure, but Frankl disagreed. He said the primary desire of every person was to experience a deep sense of meaning.  If you search for “meaningful life” you find a great variety of answers on what makes a life meaningful.  We agree.  A meaningful life should be individualized.  We support individuals with autism to find their sense of purpose and connection to others for each individual with autism – whatever form they would like that to take.


ASIE looks at these issues through the following Quality of Life Indicators

  • Academic Success – People with autism should have the opportunity to participate in school to their fullest capability and learn in an environment and manner that enables them to succeed
  • Communication – People with autism should be able to express themselves and interact with others in a meaningful way
  • Independent Living – People with autism have the right to lead their own lives, and they should also have support if they need help caring for themselves
  • Meaningful Employment with Fair Wages – People with autism should have the opportunity to do work that contributes to their communities, and should receive compensation befitting their positions
  • Financial Stability – People with autism should be able to afford the things and services they need
  • Recreation and Leisure – People with autism should be able to pursue their interests and spend their free time in a meaningful way
  • Social Connections – People with autism should have friends and supporters as well as ties to their communities


ASIE Programs Related to Creating a Meaningful Life