Neuropsychology title

For many people, the term “neuropsychologist” is new.  Often referred to as a “neuropsych,” these medical professionals can provide an in depth report of a child’s functioning, drawing on the child’s history, the clinician’s observations, and test scores in various cognitive domains, including language, memory, visual-spatial skills and so on. “We look at each specific skill and integrate them all into a holistic picture of the child’s functioning,” says Ann Helmus, Ph. D., founder of Neuropsychology and Education Services for Children and Adolescents (NESCA), a pediatric neuropsychology practice in Newton, Massachusetts.

The neuropsych evaluation can serve many purposes. Among them, it determines whether developmental problems are present, establishes a diagnosis, guides treatment and educational planning, measures progress, and demonstrates eligibility for special education services. Sometimes if it is the child’s educational levels are confusing and the parent does not agree with the school district’s psycho educational report, a parent can request an IEE (Independent Educational Evaluation) with a neuropsych.

Local Neuropsychologist

Dr. Oren Boxer. PhD
595 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena
(626) 765-4482

Giorgio Jovani di Salvatore, MAED, ABSNP, LEP, CMIS
In-home and on-site assessments available. Experienced in the assessment of neuropsychological and neurobehavioral disorders, Mr. Garza-Johanson is a practicing bilingual psychologist who can provide independent educational evaluations (IEE), school neuropsychological assessment, psychoeducational assessment, private educational assessment, partial-assessments, educational consultation, and topic lectures. He is a Credentialed School Psychologist, Diplomate-American Board of School Neuropsychology, and Licensed Educational Psychologist, Board Certified to diagnose neuropsychological disorders that affect student learning, and provides routine assessment for identifying specific learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, C/APD, AD/HD, Autism, and FASD.

José L. Fuentes, Ph.D., Clinical Neuropsychologist 
Offers Neurobehavioral Consultation, Neuropsychological Assessment, Independent Evaluations (IEE’s), Dr. Fuentes provides consultation services to assist families who have questions regarding services for their children with special needs. This service can include preliminary diagnoses for specific disorders, recommendations/referral for additional interventions and/or assessment, consultation on behavioral intervention, on-going support. Services English and Spanish-speaking families.

Gunn Psychological Services
10470 Foothill Blvd, Suite 116, Rancho Cucamonga
(909) 989-4055
Group psychology practice in Rancho Cucamonga which conducts objective testing including the ADOS-2 as part of evaluating children for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Work with all ages from infants/toddlers through adulthood. Accepts most insurance plans.  Additionally can test for intellectual giftedness, or for an emotional, behavioral or cognitive disorder (e.g. ADHD, Learning Disorder, Autism, Post-concussion syndrome, Depression, Anxiety, etc).

Dr. Veronica I. Olvera, Psy.D., PSY #23490
Bilingual Clinical Neuropsychologist
Neuro-Educational Clinic
6809 Indiana Ave., Suite 131
Riverside, CA 92506

(951) 266-6223 Office
A Bilingual Clinical Neuropsychologist who is able to provide evaluations to your child in either English, Spanish, or Bilingual. In private practice since 2010 and has dedicated her practice to school-age children (ages 3 to 21), providing them with second opinion evaluations.

Dr. Ann Simun, PhD
2001 South Barrington Ave. Ste 214, Los Angeles
(310) 478-8888

Dr. Senia Vitale, PhD
7177 Brockton Ave., Ste. 335, Riverside
(951) 369-7288

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