April 2023

Survey on Families with Complex/High Support Needs with IDD in the Inland Empire

According the California DDS data in June 2021, 21% of all Regional Center clients have “severe behavior.”  These individuals and families often have complex medical, mental health, and behavioral needs.  Click the graphic to see the results of the survey and recommendations to help these families. 

April 2022

Report on Equity Gaps for Students with Autism & Intellectual Disabilities in the Inland Empire

Educational equity incorporates ideas of access, opportunity, and need. Students with Autism or Intellectual Disabilities make up 21% of the special education population yet little is known about the issues facing this community. Thank you to the Inland Empire Community Foundation for their generosity to fund this project to gather this data. Over 1200 parents living in the Inland Empire participated in the project.

December 2021

Final Report on new Law Enforcement Training: Use of Force & & De-escalation for Individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities

As the prevalence of Autism and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) continues to rise in the community, knowledge, experience, and best practices have continued to evolve. It is imperative our law enforcement officers have the most accurate and up-todate knowledge to allow them to make informed decisions in the field. This project allowed us to develop new training to build a higher level of knowledge and skills in law enforcement in the Inland Empire about the Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) community to increase successful communication and de-escalation techniques to reduce instances of lethal force such as officer-involved shootings (OIS). The Autism Society Inland Empire worked with consultants and adults with developmental disabilities to develop a 4-hour POST certified curriculum. The report details the efficacy of the training.

May 2021

A National COVID-19 Community Check-in

This survey was sent out electronically in May in which over 6700 people participated.

February 2021

CLASE Inland Empire Developmental Disability Needs Assessment

Through our partnership with the CLASE Community of Practice, a survey was distributed in Feb 2021 to collect the needs of the community. 761 people participated.

May 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on the California ID/DD Community

Done by the Autism Society of California in May 2020 with over 1,000 participants throughout California on how Californians with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities were impacted by COVID.