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Communication Toolkit

As many as 30% of autistic children/adults have nonspeaking autism (nonverbal autism) or are minimally verbal. Everyone deserves to be safe in their community.  Thank you to Ability Central and SymbolStix for making this resource possible.

Tips for a Successful IEP Meeting

2023 Summer Fun for the Autism Community

Click on the graphic above to see fun classes, programs, and places to go that are Autism-friendly in Coachella, Inland Empire, and some of the larger Southern California area. Learn about the new Inland Regional Center Social Recreation policy for paying for social recreation coaches or programs!

2023 Swim Lessons for Children with Autism

Drowning is the #1 cause of death in individuals who have Autism. Children with ASD are 160 times more likely to experience nonfatal and fatal drowning than their neurotypical peers.  We have created this toolkit filled with social stories, checklists, and resources for swim lessons to keep your loved one with Autism safe.

5 Tips for Autism Friendly Airplane Travel

Here are our tips to help summer vacations a little easier.

2023 Summer Camp Resources

Did you know that Regional Centers can now pay for Camps? If the camp is vendored – Regional Center can pay for the camp directly or if the camp is not vendored – Regional Center can reimburse the family.  Mileage to and from the camp can also be reimbursed.  Check out this resource for a list of camps we have heard about!

Bullying Prevention Toolkit

Thank you to the San Bernardino Fraternal Order of Eagles Children for their generosity in making this new toolkit possible. Children with Autism are 3 times more likely to be bullied than their nondisabled peers.  This toolkit was compiled to help families understand what bullying is and empower them with the knowledge of what they can do if they suspect bullying.

Halloween Toolkit

Halloween is an exciting holiday for kids of all ages. But for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), the sights and sounds accompanying Halloween can be difficult to handle. With a little extra practice and preparation, Halloween can be more enjoyable.

IEP Tips

Proven advice for a successful IEP!

Housing Toolkit

Supportive housing for adults with Autism is provided in various settings and with different staffing support models.

Coachella valley resource guide

Coachella Valley Resource Guide

Local resources for individuals and families living in the Coachella Valley!

AAC Resource Guide

Communication is a basic human right. Every individual should be able to independently express themselves. Resources for the AAC Community.

relationships and sexuality guide

Relationships and Sexuality!

Resources on puberty, sex ed, relationships, and gender and sexual orientation all in one place!

Asian-language resource guide

Asian Languages

Looking for informative resources and questions in Chinese/Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean, or Japanese?

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Autism Society Options Policy

This Resource Guide was developed to provide families and professionals with an opportunity to find resources related to autism in the Inland Empire in one place.

All information provided or published by the Autism Society Inland Empire is for information purposes only. Specific treatment, therapy or services should be provided to an individual only at the direction of the individual’s doctor, caregiver, or other qualified professional. References to any treatment or therapy option, program, service, or treatment provider are not an endorsement by the Autism Society. References of treatments, therapies, programs, services, and/or providers are not intended to be comprehensive statements. You should investigate alternatives that may be more appropriate for a specific individual. The Autism Society assumes no responsibility for the use made of any information published or provided. The Autism Society Inland Empire provides information, but it does not constitute medical or legal information. Referrals provided are suggestions to organizations that might help, but do not constitute a recommendation. The Autism Society Inland Empire cannot be held responsible for consequences that arise from individual dealings with a professional or organization. The inclusion of any organization does not imply endorsement, and omission does not imply disapproval. The Autism Society Inland Empire may add or remove organizations from this list at its discretion.

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