Alert Me Bands
Alert Me Bands are the simple solution that not only communicates who to call in an emergency but also communicates and creates awareness for medical/special needs and allergy indications. The bands are adjustable and are the only solution available to date that are impossible for children to remove on their own! Because our ASD kiddos are even more at risk for wandering they especially need to be wearing these at all times! We tag our pets and our luggage with our contact information, shouldn’t we be doing the same for our children?


ELPH Safety Band ID
ELPH, Easy Look Up to Phone Home, is a wearable silicone wristband that provides a highly visible form of identification. Uses QR Code Technology and 24/7 hotline help to reunite you and your loved one.  It is the simple solution that not only communicates who to call in an emergency but also communicates and creates awareness for medical/special needs and allergy indications. ELPH is a solution that will help ease the minds of parents, caretakers and adults living with autism.

If I Need Help
Local non profit offers personal wearable QR codes on patches, pins, clips, ID cards and shoe tags that can be scanned or entered into the site to view a live profile.  It can be updated in real time and it can be emailed to others if a search is needed.  Offers books on many safety topics, safety products including specialized locks and clings for windows. Regional Center vendor.


ID bracelets using QR code technology that allows users to provide as much information as they see fit. Our IDs, when scanned, also send Alert Messages that tell the emergency contacts when the ID was scanned and provides a GPS location. The user can also upload an unlimited number of documents to be saved and retrieved for use at any time. For example, upload your child’s IEP so there is no need to worry about wondering where you put those IEP papers.


Kheelz: Ice Card and Medical Alert ID System for Children
What if your child was lost, afraid or injured and/or could not speak…How would you know? Kheelz: ICE Card & Medical Alert ID System provides parents with peace of mind by providing a safe, secure, simple and affordable way for children to carry an ICE (In Case of Emergency) Card & Medical Alert ID with them at all times wherever they go…Every Step They Take. The Kheelz ICE Card is located in a special pocket area of the Kheelz shoe insert it is easily accessible ONLY when needed. A shoelace charm (or waterproof permanent sticker for non-lace shoes) reads “ICE Card in Shoe Insert”.


Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos
Free “If I am lost, please help me be found” temporary tattoos with your phone number.


Free autism medical IDs & wandering support services available for a limited time, supported by the Northwestern Mutual Insurance Endowment Fund. MedicAlert Foundation operates under the mission “protect and save lives”; therefore, we developed the new MedicAlert Found® program to provide an additional layer of protection for the autism community.


SafetyTat is a fun and colorful temporary safety child ID tattoo that’s uniquely offered either customized with your mobile phone number. When applied to the arm of your child or loved one, SafetyTat provides an immediate, highly visible form of child identification.


Shoelace Bands
Shoelace Bands offer safety from trips and falls by using comfortable shoelace bands that conform to your feet and prevent unwanted loose laces. Teachers and aids often do not have time for repeated tying of shoes for multiple students and students are often embarrassed to ask to have them tied.  These are colorful bands that are $10 and offer safety, style and independence.

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