Woodsmall and Associates

Our firm provides experienced, practical and sophisticated representation in matters related to the educational and community access rights of individuals with special needs.  We stress a balance of aggressive representation with the recognition that non-adversarial alternatives can preserve limited resources and many times, cultivate collaborative, long-term results with school and regional center professionals.

We believe that each person, disabled or not, deserves dignity and respect and the chance to reach a meaningful, contributing place in society. We are committed to empowering families through education and knowledge.

Services offered:

  • SCHOOL DISTRICTS:  Private School Placement Advisement, IEP: Individualized Education Programs (Students 3 through 21 years of age), IEP Preparation and Attendance, Informal Disputes, Informal Meetings | Resolution Sessions, 504 Plan, Mediation, Due Process Proceedings, Autism Charter School Placement, Free Appropriate Public Education, Private School for Special Education Students
  • REGIONAL CENTERS:  Rights under the Lanterman Act, IFSP: Individual Family Service Plans (Children 0 through 3 years of age), IPP: Individual Program Plans (Qualifying Consumers over 3 years of age), Adult Programming; Transitions,