Autism Myths and Misconceptions


Blog By Arman Khodaei There are many misconceptions and myths regarding Autistic Individuals. Here are some of the most common Autism myths and misconceptions. Myth #1: All Autistic Individuals Have Special Talents One of the most common Autism myths is that we all have extraordinary talents, such as a photographic memory, exceptional musical ability, or being to create extraordinary pieces of art. While it is true that some Autistic individuals have savant talents, the majority of us do not have these special talents. Myth #2: Autism is Caused by Bad Parenting Something that comes up every [...]

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Signs You May Have Gone Undiagnosed with Autism


Blog By Arman Khodaei Have you ever felt like you don't quite fit in? Do you struggle with social interactions, have anxiety around others, or have difficulties multitasking? If so, you may have gone undiagnosed with Autism. You're not alone in feeling this way. Many people are starting to realize they may have gone undiagnosed for the majority of their life. While many men feel they have gone undiagnosed, it does seem especially common for women to go undiagnosed. 1. Social Interactions are a challenge: Making eye contact, reading body language, and making and maintaining [...]

Signs You May Have Gone Undiagnosed with Autism2023-03-21T12:12:44-07:00

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